‘Don’t die with your music still inside you’

I’m Elaine Davies creator and founder of Art with a Good Heart and never more has a saying resonated with me than this one!

From the earliest age art has been a constant in my life. I see the world through a kaleidoscope of colour, pattern, texture and shape and I’m at my happiest when creating.

Armed with a 1st class honours degree in printed textiles from Loughborough College of Art my passion for art transformed itself into a hand-painted and screen printed silk business. Together with my husband Doug we created unique and unusual ties, scarves and cushions sold through major retail stores, arts & craft galleries and our own three (Elaine Rippon) shops.

With the new millennium on our doorstep we took the plunge into the ‘digital age’ and now (thankfully) 14 years later run a very successful digital printing business (The Silk Bureau Ltd). During this time my own artistic passions were put on the back burner, but everyday I was inspired by the spectacular designs flowing through our doors by our wonderfully creative customers.


 After having worked with textiles for so many years I decided I needed to try a new medium. I subsequently enrolled on a mosaic course run by the uber-talented Emma Cavell (Memorable Mosaics) in the autumn of 2013. From the very first quirky bejewelled heart I made at that workshop I knew that I had found the perfect medium for me – the joy was indescribable!

By creating small, original pieces of art I had finally found my way to ‘let the music out’

So who am I…………

  • Creator of “Art With A Good Heart” – Bejewelled mixed media mosaic artist
  • Company director with a deep rooted desire to fulfil my creative urge
  • Tactile textile designer
  • Passionate about my wonderful family, The Silk Bureau Ltd, textiles, mosaics, art, photography, interior design, collage, travel, nature, architecture and my beautiful dog Inka
  • A treasure hunter, collector of beautiful, unusual and unique things.
  • A grateful quirky bird trying to live with creativity, passion and compassion
I hope my hearts bring a smile to your face and brighten your day.



With Love,

Elaine Davies