These are some of the wonderful comments from my Visitor’s Book at the exhibition. Thank you SO much everyone for all your incredible feedback. I apologise if I have spelt anyone’s name wrong!!!

What a unique exhibition, never seen such original and beautiful hearts. Linda Raubaud

Inspirational! Beautiful decorative pieces. Gwen Scott

My mouth is still aghast at the magnificence of your talent – Thank you for sharing!! Rosey Dundas-Gray

Fun & Kooky !) Karen Allen

Sooo..uplifting – cheered me up on a grey, rainy day – beautiful designs, all with a heartwarming message. Alison Mizzi

Stunning unique work! I love it – keep on, keeping on! Janie Cameron

Most fascinating & a very good re-cycling idea! Excellent design. Gerdie Schaffer

Totally awesome & beautiful. Belinda Magee

Amazing, blown away with it all. Katie Heal

Incredible. Gutted I didn’t get here when the exhibition first opened. Sally Hodgson.

Apparently effortless but – I.I.I.! Inspired, inspiring, Intricate! Thanks. Sara Radway

Unique & uplifting. Great colours and designs. Pamela Tarr

Your work is stunning! Such a lovely concept x. Li-Na Vincent & Ellen Lawford

Beautiful! I want them all. Sarah Lane

What a lovely surprise on a cold afternoon – exquisite work! Charlotte Barr

Awe inspiring! Beryl Higson

Wonderful collection of surprises! Karen Frost

Exquisite work – inspiring & so beautiful! Shelagh Harrison

Just amazing! So vibrant, so creative & joyful. Di Bunniss

Wow! Consider me for any other exhibition you may have. Julie A

so enjoyed this exhibition – a joy to see. Gillian Buonaparte

Exceptionally creative. Maria Pitt

Super splendid artwork. Most impressive! Joanne Simpkins

Really interesting gallery. It was lovely talking to you about your work. Sophie Powell + Annie Jenkins

A very sparkly beautiful display of your beautiful work. Well done x. Margaret Carter

Great fun, really made me smile. Judy Bussell

A beautiful, creative display. Just fabulous xx. Lorna, Steve & Ellie Curry

Quel Talent!!! I have enjoyed this beautiful exhibition, it has made me smile. Only one word: IMPRESSIVE!!! Jean Brice

Oh my goodness – the mosaics are just stunning – love the Cinderella carriage. Olivia Tuck

Truly magical! What a feast for the eyes – WOW! Ella-Rose

Fantastic! Excellent quality & inspired imagination. Bernard Cooper

Stunning; every one is unique. L Hall

Amazing number of hearts!! Very impressive – all beautiful. Thank you. Karen Saunders

Stunning intricate work. Jean Godwin

Beautiful & inspiring. You could turn them into a book. Joy Cranston

“Love” the love hearts!! So much hard work. We think they look great!! Sarah, Heidi & Bryony

I left my heart in the Pop Up Gallery rather than San Francisco! Tony Collinson

What wonderful work. I am sure you enjoy every one you do. Barbara S